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Passports are a piece of international security that you cannot be abroad without. They are your national identity and a proof that you are a legal citizen of a country when you are on foreign soil. That is why there are a lot more strictures that the government has put on the verification that you have to go through when you want a passport of your own. Usually a normal registration for a passport takes more than two months.

This is a problem for many people who do not have that kind of time. They need their passport made before the time specified and till a few days back there was nothing that could be done. But now there is a way to get your passport made in as much as a week. This new method is called the Tatkal method and can be called an emergency passport.

Are tatkal passports as good as normal ones?

There is no difference whatsoever between a normal passport and a Tatkal passport. The difference lies in the way they were made. A normal passport is basically less prioritized than a tatkal passport and hence gets delivered later than it. So if you are in dire need of a passport as fast as possible you should definitely go ahead and a Tatkal registration for the best results.

What are the requirements (required documents to apply for Tatkal passport)?

The tatkal registration of your passport is something of a special permit and has a few more specifications than a normal passport registration. These include the following:

  • New Form

This is the first step in getting the job done. You need to pick up a new Tatkal form as fast as possible from your nearby passport office and fill it up. Then you need to get all your proofs and documents together and once that is done you are ready to go. The best place to get this is from the office, but if you cannot make it then the next best thing are the agents.

  • 4 Passport size Photos

These are identification proofs that require being as recent as possible. There are certain particulars as t how the size and the background should be.

  • Address Proof

This is the most important document and there are many identity cards that have the address that you live in on them. These are required and may be subject to police verification. These documents include the voter ID card, Driver’s license, Ration card and bank account passbook. These are all important documents and having one of them with you is enough.

  • Date of Birth

School certificates are the best proof of this other than a birth certificate. This confirms your age and thus eligibility for certain types of VISA. All of these documents are required to be in photocopy and the actual one does not really need to be shown unless asked for.

  • Verification Certificate

This is the main point at which a Tatkaal Passport registration differs from a normal one. The fact that there may or may not be police verification means that there has to be a registered or gazette officer confirming your legitimacy. This verification certificate is a very important aspect of the registration.


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